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Home & Garden Art
Home & Garden Art
Home & Garden Art
Home & Garden Art
Home & Garden Art
Home & Garden Art



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Wall Decor

Home & Garden Art is Seattle's source for whimsical, decorative, fun and unique home and garden decor..

Located in Seattle (the Ballard / Greenwood area), our store is a locally-owned, family business with 11,000 square feet packed full of decorative wrought iron, as well as copper, wood, cast iron, glass, concrete and clay accent pieces - all perfect for your home and garden.

Custom ironworks is our specialty.

Have specific measurements or ideas about your space? Bring ‘em in--we have a welding shop on-site and can design and fabricate exactly what you’re dreaming of.


Lisa Honold
August 4th SALE 20% off Rain Chains and Weathervanes
Lisa, August 4, 2015

Someday it's going to rain again (right?)...wouldn't it be nice to have a classy way for that rain to leave your rooftop, enter your gutter and flow down? That's where rain chains come in! We have several styles and price points for every budget. Plu... Read More.

Lisa Honold
August 3rd SALE on Recycled Metal RABBITS
Lisa, August 3, 2015

Two by two and four by four, these rabbits are hopping out the door! All recycled metal rabbits--small, medium and large--are 2 for 1! Buy one, get one free. Valid from August 3rd - August 9th.... Read More.

Lisa Honold
August 1st Special: Trellis, Screens and Topiary on SALE
Lisa, August 1, 2015

Come load up on Trellis, Topiary and Screens--30% off now through August 7th Read More.

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“What you can do with
metal is amazing, The more you bang it up, the more beautiful it looks.”

Role:Owner | Artist in Residence Favorite Project:A really modern stainless steel gate with glass spheres 
Catching up on baseball, listening to good music, spending time with my family, traveling, finding cool architecture to study, poking around and finding antiques
Where’d you learn to do that?: l learned how to think mechanically from my Grandpa and Dad growing up in Arkansas.  Dad had an antiques restoration shop and traveled around to antique shows and dealers collecting and selling.  My Mom taught me to think creatively and appreciate color and texture through her custom Victorian lampshade business. As far as welding, I'm self-taught.  Best Advice ever given: Measure twice and cut onceLearn more about our staff >


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